The Elaborate, ornate and grand styles of an era which seems distant… we try to capture it in a palette which is contemporary buy has its roots deep into traditions.




The Original Hand Made Design Tiles!


Since 1938, we have used our experience and know-how, combined with continual investment in the latest technology and traditional techniques to create masterpieces. This tradition has been passed from one generation of master artisans to the next generation and has resulted in providing the customer with world class Handmade Boutique tiles.

In this age of ever-improving technological advancements, we recognize the need to offer our customers new and improved products in order to keep pace with client expectations. Hence we have launched over and above our standard range of products, a pre finished ready to use Boutique tile.

We offer Architects / Designers wide range of Boutique tile patterns where the color in the design can be selected from our standard color range. We also make custom design patterns and colors to realize your dream of Boutique tiles flooring.

For more information on Royal Boutique tiles please contact us.

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