Castle Wall    

When straight lines and right angles become monotonous and life a bit boring, you find comfort in the rustic antique zone.




Castle Wall


Our Concrete specialty products are designed and manufactured to mimic hand-chiseled, eroded/ weathered natural stone effect in items found in old farmhouses and period properties.

Castle wall is suitable for both interior and exterior uses as it contains special polymers, high-performance cements; and, a blend of natural marbles/granites along with special sealing agents.

This attention to details has resulted in products to not only look like natural stone but to also give it a tough, hard wearing; frost-proof and stain resistant finish at a price that belies their looks.

Designers like the fact that the look and color of the castle wall are consistent whilst still giving the appearance of a natural stone.

Since 1938, our know-how, combined with our policy of continual investment in the latest technology and techniques, has helped us deliver specialty Concrete creations'. The similarity with natural stones to our 'CASTLE WALL' has never been reached before.

Sizes and Weight
Module Size in cm Thickness cm Aprox.Weight kg.
A 49x23.8 3.8 11
B 36.5x23.8 3.8 7.5
C 24x23.8 3.8 5.25
D 11.5x23.8 3.8 2.75
Note : Above Slabs are available from 3.8 to 10 cm ( Also suitable for Partition wall). thickness.

Terracotta Red, Ivory, Beige, Stone Grey and Jesalmer are all colors inspired from sandstone colours. But Royal Concrete Creations can 'tailor' the structured stone products to match or blend with almost any colour being used by a designer for 'custom' projects.

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