Iron Stone    

A perfect balance between aesthetics and strength, the strong sculpted looks matched with a heart of steel.




Heavy Duty Industrial Floors


Since 1938, our experience and know-how, combined with our continual investment in the latest technology and techniques, has resulted in the launch 'IRON STONE' Industrial Floorings.

Today Industrial Flooring Plays a Vital Role in Productivity. This Rule, to improve productivity has bought in a gradual change from the conventional on site processing methods to ready-to-use IRONSTONE.

Iron Stone can be specified for 'custom' projects; and, with the addition of high-performance cements, marble /granite aggregates, and possibility of steel reinforcement, we can provide Industrial Designers with an incredible heavy duty Industrial flooring solutions.

Benefits of Ironstone

   Ideal for smooth movement of trolley and forklift.
   Absorbs Mechanical vibrations.
   Anti Skid and fire resistant.
   Does not generate dust.
   Easy to clean.
   Available in pleasing to eye colors.

Product classification Iron Stone (Hermetic process)
Size 500 250 50/52 mm
Thickness tolerance 1 mm
Dimension accuracy ± 0.5 mm
Top layer density 2467 kg / mt.3
Bottom layer density 2000 kg / mt.3
Water absorption < 1.5% (aesthetic layer or the top layer)
Compressive strength > 550* kg / cm2
Transverse strength (wet) > 11.50 kg / cm.2
Transverse strength (dry) > 10.50 kg / cm.2
Concrete grade Starts from M 35 up to  50
* Available in various strength. As per specification.
Technical Documents