Royal Tiles is the recognized leader in the production of cement-terrazzo tiles/ multi colored custom designed “Boutique” tiles and “pavino” paving tiles and architectural specialties.


Addressing the environmental issue: Thinking Green!!


Royal Tiles strictly adhere to using only Eco friendly raw materials for all our products, so that we do not disturb our eco - system.

All marble / natural stone lumps which are leftover from marble / natural stone mining process which otherwise have no use, are crushed to make graded aggregates. These marble chips are our primary raw materials for manufacturing of our terrazzo tiles, hence making it an ecological material for Bio Architecture.




We have state of the art manufacturing unit where the best German and Italian technology of the latest generation is used for the production of Royal Tiles. We use hermetic process with high pressure technology for the production of Single layer and Double layer Tiles.

Water is almost recycled and optimized for the production and post production use in our factory. The curing process of Tiles takes place with the help of very advanced German technology “Kraft Energy” which gives superior surface finish and strength. We use fresh water only for the hydration process of cement. Further there is no firing, steam or Autoclaving process involved in the entire production process at Royal Tiles.


Health, Safety Welfare and Working conditions


We strictly believe in providing the very best infrastructure to all our employees along with having a friendly approach to all thing involving health, safety and welfare. A Happy employee can only create a happy customer.