Step outside and get greeted by the subtle rustic textures of our tiles set against the greens of your Garden of Eden.




Technical Details


Royal Tiles has been manufacturing cement based agglomerated marble terrazzo tiles and other allied products since 1938.

Our experience and know-how, combined with our policy of continual investment in the latest technology and techniques, has helped Royal tiles to offer 'PAVINO' to discerning Quality Conscious clients seeking the best outdoor paving tiles.

The Color and the finish can be specified for 'custom' projects, and; with the addition of high-performance cements, marble/granite aggregates, and surface protection impregnators, we can assure that our PAVINO Tiles out-performs most outdoor paving tiles available in the Indian Market. It is also possible to shot-blast and curl (River wash finish) the surface of the "PAVINO" to bring out a unique textured feel.

Classification Pressed Cement Concrete Paving Tile.
  i. First Layer Ordinary Portland White or Grey Cement Marble / Calcite Powder, Stone Chips, Superplastisers.
  ii. Second Layer Gray Cement, Pure Silica Sand Stone Grit, Filler , Chemicals.
Available Colors Standard Prism Range (Six Colors)
Sizes Available (in mm) 300x300x29, 400x400x29/34, 500x500x38 and 500x250x55 (Other sizes and shapes are also available)
Dimensional Tolerance Confirms to any Intl. Standards like DIN
First Layer ( Top layer ) 6 mm. to 12 mm. (In various sizes)
Transverse Strength Average 7.10 N/mm2 (Exceeds IS-1237)
Water Absorption Average 5.49 % (Exceeds IS-1237)
Compressive Strength Average 20 N / mm2 (Exceeds IS-1237)
Scratch Hardness Mohs scale. Achieved 2 - 4 (1 Talk-10 Diamond)
Impact Resistance Very high resistance to impact.
Anti-Static Our terrazzo tiles confirms to most applications.
  i. Top Layer
  ii. Bottom Layer
>2.0 - <2.4 (for better fixing)
('Pavino' Paving Tiles are Mfgd. With 300 M.Ton molding pressure Rotary hydraulic Press with Robomatic (German) Tile take-off device specially design for ultimate handling of freshly made tiles to protect it's edges / corners of freshly made tiles for ultimate perfection.)
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