Like a Canvas with pastel and solid shades… Inspired by nature.





The First name in terrazzo tiles.


Royal Tiles has been manufacturing cement based agglomerated marble terrazzo tiles and other allied products since 1938.

Our experience and know-how, combined with our policy of continual investment in the latest technology and techniques, has helped us maintain leadership position as a high quality manufacturer of terrazzo tiles in the country.

Designers look forward to applications of this beautiful material which most of the time far surpasses their expectations when compared to their natural `sisters`.

To enhance the surface beauty, Terravetro chips of various colors can be added to any terrazzo tiles which gives Crystal like sparkling effect to the tiles. Royal terrazzo tiles can be shot-blasted and curled (River wash finish) to achieve a nice textured feel.

It is also possible to customize a product according to the clients' requirement. We also produce Monolayer profile-able Slabs in size 1200x600mm and 1050x600mm for Table tops, window sills and Step / Risers.

Standard tiles
Size Weight
67 kg per square meter
67/ 76 kg per square meter.
82 Kg per square meter.
Standard Requirements Our Values
Dimensional tolerance Exceeds BS 4131

Length BS 4131
Thickness BS 4131

+/- 1.00 mm Exceeds.
+/- 3.00mm Exceeds.

0.50 mm
1.50 mm
Transverse strength  
BS 4131
No sample shall be less than
3.00 N / Sq mm
Exceeds BS 4131
5.55 N / Sq mm
Water Absorption  
Tile Face BS 4131

Whole Tile BS 4131
No unit shall be greater
Than 0.40 gm /sq cm.
No unit shall be greater
Than 8.0 %
0.25 gm / sq cm.

5.0 % average.
Slip Resistance not a requirement of BS 4131
Pendulum method.
(Coefficient of friction)


24 and below unsatisfactory.
25 – 34 marginal.
Wet 35 -65 satisfactory.
Dry 65 and over Excellent.

Wet 35 - 51. satisfactory
Dry 55 – 70 Excellent.
Scratch Hardness not a requirement of BS 4131
MOHS scale
1 = Talc
10 = Diamond.
Range 3 – 5 depending on
Marble aggregate selected.
Anti Static Our terrazzo conforms to most applications, including BS 250
  And DHSS Health Technical Memorandum HTM – 2.
Technical Documents